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Vietnam War Veteran, Paul Marlow continued to serve his country as an honorary member of the Navy's Blue Angels. In 2015, Paul faced the most difficult challenges of his life. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Watch how Kindred Hospice was able to honor Paul's service as well as his life.
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Success Spotlight: Robert

Robert is a chef by trade, and he recalled one day when he was at his home last winter and hadn’t been feeling very well – his lungs were hurting him and his arthritis was especially painful – when he decided to go to the Kindred Hospital Indianapolis.

At first, the physicians weren’t able to diagnose his condition so Robert underwent a series of tests. It was then that they found an abscess in Robert’s lungs and scheduled him for emergency surgery to drain the abscess and stabilize his condition. He was placed on a ventilator with a tracheostomy to aid his breathing and once he was stable he was transferred to Kindred Hospital to continue antibiotic treatment, begin rehab and wean from the ventilator.

Robert’s recovery began right away after his arrival – he put his all into every therapy session and he was able to have the trach tube removed and participate more fully in his rehab sessions. “Every person on staff always kept me motivated,” Robert said. “Everyone here – from the CEO to the floor staff and cleaning crew is outstanding – they are more professional, caring and understanding than at any other facility I’ve seen in my life.”

“My therapy team has kept me on top of it and I’ve had great communication with everyone because staff is so friendly and responsive,” Robert affirmed. “My team has done a spectacular job and I’m hoping to be able to go home once I’m released. I’m looking forward to catching up on my favorite cooking shows!”

Robert, everyone on at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis is ecstatic that you’re doing so well – we have no doubt you’ll be home soon and will continue to get better.
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